Healing Balm, 4 fl.oz. jar
Healing Balm, 4 fl.oz. jar

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Healing Balm, 4 fl.oz. jar $9.99
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*****  the best balm ever!   - Sara Demers (Arizona)
I used to buy this product at a health store in Pennsylvania. When I moved to Arizona, I tried numerous other brands of natural/organic creams/balms for my dry hands and cracked feet, but none worked. I finally found your website and was able to order my beloved healing balm-- definitely the best product out there for any type of dry or cracked skin!

*****  Healing balm   - Brian Petrowski (CA)
My girlfriend suggested that I buy your herbal deodorant and when I ordered I also purchased a Healing Balm. Let me tell you that after just three days of using the Healing Balm, the rash that I have had for 3 years is completely gone and the natural deodorant is working perfectly
The Lip Balm is working wonderful for my chapped lips. Thank you for making such wonderful products and you got a new customer for life. I will tell everyone about your products

*****  Healing Balm   - Melinda Canfield (PA)
I have on numerous occasions burned myself while working at my stove. The burns would be very painful with blisters and leave a scar.
However, I discovered that if I used the Healing Balm immediately after cooling the burn in cold water, the pain would go away and the burn would not blister or leave a scar. I would see great improvement on the burnsite already the next day. Thank you

*****  Healing Balm   - Monalee West (USA)
I am Native American and have a horrible problem with Tenea Versicola, which is a skin fungus that eats the pigmentation out of my skin. I have this skin condition on my face, and especially m eye lids, which is rare and very uncomfortable. I have been to dozens of specialists and tried numerous products to get rid of this problem, and nothing has helped, except Andreaís Healing Balm. This product is wonderful. I have provided this product to several of my patients for combating Mercerís Disease, and it works great. My 4-year-old grand-daughter uses the Healing Balm for her Eczema. I would recommend Andreaís Healing Balm for any type of skin condition.

*****  Healing Balm   - Penny Fox Rocker (Vero Beach, FL)
My husband and I went to a party on the beach. My husband got biten all over his arms and the back of his neck by sand fleas. He had huge welts everywhere. Normally these welts would last for 3 to 4 days. That night when we got home I put the Healing Balm on his bites and when he woke up the next morning the welts and bites were gone. Not a welt in sight. He was so amazed. We always keep a jar on hand.

April 19, 2021
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