PainFreeze TM

A very unique formulation of herbal and fruit extracts, aloe, arnica and essential oils that are known for their pain relieving, muscle soothing and cooling properties.  This product was created by the owner for herself after she suffered two ruptured discs in her cervical spine in a car accident.  She used this product for herself with great success and she would give it away to friends who had suffered injuries or were plagued by arthritic pain.  After lots of encouragement from her friends she started to market the product in her company and PainFreeze has been extensively tested by local athletic teams and by Canadian sports teams.  Works extremely well for muscle pains, arthritis and light burns.  Also works great for the "itchies" associated with bug bites...News Flash: Health & Wellness Magazine invited us to participate to have this product tested by 160 non-paid men and woman who suffer from pains associated with injuries or arthritic conditions.  Our PainFreeze was well received and scored in the above average percentile. Results can be seen in the Feb-02 issue of Health & Wellness magazine.  Available in 4 fl. oz bottle.


PainFreeze, 4 fl.oz. bottle $16.99