Hand Serum

We added our Hand Serum to our Facial Collection, as we feel it is very important to give hands proper nourishment for them to stay younger looking.  A rich blend that will leave your hands silky without any greasy feel to the skin.  Packed with healing and nourishing vitamins, beneficial oils and botanical extracts that help heal dry chapped skin.  A great bonus with using our Hand Serum is that once you have applied the Hand Serum to your hands, you can wash your hands several times.  The lotion has soaked into the skin where it nourishes, heals and protects and will not be washed away.  This is great for anyone who washes their hands many times throughout the day such as Teachers, Nurses, Doctors also Office workers who touch a lot of papers throughout the day (paper will take the natural oils out of your skin). Available in 2 fl. oz bottle.


HandSerum 2 fl. oz. bottle $7.99