Hand and Nail Nourisher 4 oz. glass jar $12.99
Click Here for Product Details! A Unique blend rich in emolient and nourishing oils known for with healing and immune stimulating qualities that repair your hands while helping your nails to grow stronger and healthier than ever.



Our Herbal Remedies are timeless European formulations that utilize the benefits of various herbs and essential oils to help aid in the healing of targeted areas and can be helpful with certain problems you might experience.  For chronic pain or arthritic problems we highly recommend our PainFreeze.  Although not a cure, it will help control pain and it is an extremely popular product.  For chronic sinus problems we recommend our Sinus Oil.  Within minutes, the pressure and headaches associated with sinus problems can disappear.  Both of these products and many more from our Herbal Remedy Line are being sold via chiropractic doctors and wellness centers throughout the nation.  We receive positive feed back on all of these products and recommend that you browse through our Herbal Remedy section.  You might find a product that will be helpful to you.