Who We Are Supporting

To Our Country Herbals†Valued Customers

First let us say that we SO appreciate your continued patronaige of Country Herbals. For over a decade, Country Herbals has been bringing you our tried and true natural skin care products, candles, soaps, and remedies†that†you have used, loved and shared with your friends and family.†

We will continue business as usual at Country Herbals, so have no fear! †However, we feel the time has come to expand our line, providing current and prospective customers with a whole new, entirely elevated†natural skin care experience. So without further ado, we are proud to announce our new line of†products by†Purely Elated.†

Purely Elated was founded by Lauren Leonard of Vero Beach, Fl. †Lauren has a Masterís degree in Microbiology and has been owner and operator of Country Herbals Natural Skin Care for almost a decade. She is very experienced and passionate about making and distributing natural skin care but has a calling to move her business and talents in a different direction. The Leonardís have always treated their business as a ministry and provided jobs and affordable housing for women transitioning back into the workplace after traumatic life experiences. From the years of experience with her current business and her passion to help women, the dream for Purely Elated came to be. Lauren has a vision and passion to developÖ.PURE PRODUCTS with PURPOSE! †PURE-using only the finest natural ingredients that nature has to offer to make PRODUCTS that are luxurious and effective. †Our PURPOSE is to help raise awareness of sex trafficking in America and throughout the world. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to support shelters for victims of sex trafficking crimes.†

We are very excited that you, our valued Country Herbals customers, are the first to learn of our new line of products. These products, though more upscale, are made with the same natural ingredients you have come to know and love. Please take some time and check out our new line at†purelyelated.com.† If you have questions, concerns, or just want to join in the fight against sex trafficking, don't hesitate to contact us at†info@purelyelated.com.

Again, thank you for your continued support.†

Lauren Leonard and our Country Herbals and Purely Elated Teams