Aromatherapy Candles


Almond & Cream  Amber Essence Chocolate Mint Cinnamon Country Lavender
Cranberry Delight Embrace Frankincense & Myrrh Grapefruit Jasmine
Lavender Lemon Mint Cooler Meadow Mist Patchouli Relax
Rosewood Sandalwood & Tangerine Stressbuster Sugar 'n Spice Vanilla
Vanilla Grapefruit Vanilla Lavender Vanilla Orange Woodsy Lavender


We set out to create a true Aromatherapy Candle and feel confident that we have achieved our goal.  Our Candles are created from pure and clean burning soy wax and unfiltered and non-bleached beeswax.  The wicks we use in the candles are 100 % all cotton.  All of our candles are beautifully scented with all natural essential oils to provide the true aromatherapy experience.  These are very clean burning candles with a burn time of 35 plus hrs.  We recommend that the first time you burn the candle you allow enough time for the wax to melt all away across the top and always keep the wick trimmed.  This will allow for an even and longer burn time.  Available in many different scents that promise to enhance your mood and help disburse a wonderful aroma throughout your home or office.  Our candles are handpoured and beautifully decorated with natural botanicals.  Available in a 7 oz tin with a clear top.